Employee Incident Report

Employee Incident Procedure:

If an employee gets injured on Company property, the Manager is responsible for following the procedure outlined below:

1.) If an employee is injured on the job, the first step is to assess the the employee needs emergency medical attention, if injury is life threatening call 911. If not life threatening, remedy injury onsite with First Aid kit provided or send injured employee to designated Urgent Care Facility with Treating Provider Form.
2.) Immediately fill out the employee incident report below with as much information as possible (even if the employee does not need medical attention).
3.) If employee does seek medical attention, make sure to follow up with employee to collect any medical documentation and send directly to HR (hr@swellspark.com).

For urgent matters, managers are to contact Swell Spark to assess the incident and discuss next steps.

If customers were not directly affected but witnessed the incident, please contact Jessie Poole: (816) 645-2186

As a reminder, please send all public (media, customers, etc.) inquires about on-site incidents to jessie@swellspark.com