This adrenaline-filled adventure begins in a runaway railcar headed straight for Union Station. What’s more troubling than the broken brakes is the mysterious cargo contained inside. Race against the clock to save the city, and save yourselves!

Reserve a time for you and up to 5 other friends!



  1. After you book online, you will receive an email with a  link to your virtual escape game ZOOM call.
  2. At the time of the call, you and your teammates will log in and make sure you have a good connection, can connect to audio, etc.
  3. Your Game Guide will welcome you and make quick introductions among the group. You’ll be in a ZOOM room with up to 5 other friends, and you will communicate with one another and your Game Guide to find in-room clues and solve puzzles as you race against the clock.
  4. Throughout the game, you may ask your Game Guide for hints and help as you navigate through the railcar.
What do I need to participate?
All you need is a laptop, phone or tablet to play Runaway Railcar. We use the Zoom app to connect with you, using video and audio on your device. Be sure you have an internet connection and the Zoom app loaded before joining the virtual escape room.

Download Zoom

If I have friends or family members in the same household, can they play along with me?

If you have a friend or family member that is in the same household as you, they are welcome to sit next to you and participate in the same video feed.

We charge per experience, not per person – but we recommend having no more than 6 people playing at once.

How many can participate?

You and up to 5 people are encouraged to play (6 total.) Be sure to invite your friends or family during the booking process, for seamless communication.

How do I join the escape room?

After you book, we will send you a Zoom link with instructions for how to join the escape room. 

If you don’t see an email from us by the event date, make sure to check your spam folder. 

What is the age range?

We recommend anyone over the age of 13 should play!